Helicobacter Pylori Natural Treatment 

Helicobacter Pylori is a bacterium that naturally exists in the stomach and has been known to be one of the major causes of ulcers and chronic gastric diseases. Many people put blame on stress, tension and food problems to be the cause of peptic ulcers however, the main these factors may help the inevitable, the main culprit 90% of the times is Helicobacter pylori. Mostly the infection is acquired in the early years and till adulthood the infection develops into chronic stomach problems as horsefly bite worse as gastric cancers. The bacterium is basically a spiral shaped organism and is known to be the only one to be able to live in stomach's extreme acidic environment. Its spiral shape aids it to pass the mucus covering the walls and colonizes the stomach lining, thus inflaming and making it susceptible to acid and other harmful organisms.

Treatment of such an infection is mainly done through strong trio of antibiotics and inhibitors as mostly a single antibiotic is not effective enough to totally eradicate the bacteria. The whole process takes getting totally rid of the inflammation and return of normal mucosa takes about six months to two years. However this treatment has its usual amount of side effects like every other antibiotic. Moreover the amount of antibiotic taken is so strong that it provides a fair number of side effects to overcome. The best course to adopt can be the helicobacter pylori natural treatment. H pylori natural treatment consists of different parameters and totally natural components, helping the overall health of the body and eradicating the bacteria also.

The first and foremost line of defense in helicobacter pylori natural treatment is the use of essential oils. They not only fight against the infection but help in avoiding the recurrence of the disease as well. Most of the anti-infective essential oils are present as Phenol in herbs like Melaleuca alternifolia, Thymus vulgaris in thymol, Origanum compactum and Cinnamomum zeylanicum leaves. Use of clove in every day food also inhibits the development of H pylori infection.

Other herbs like Mentha piperita and Lemongrass also provide essential oils that give a good contribution to the H pylori natural treatment. Also, Chamomilla recutita, Foeniculum vulgare, and Zingiber officinalis are rich in essential oils that provide effective anti inflammatory and antispasmodic actions against the growth and development of H pylori treatment. Other than these, herbal medicine is also useful for natural treatment of these bacteria. Cimifuga racemosa, Medicago sativa (alfalfa) and Glycine max contain isoflavones that as growth inhibitors for this bacteria. Also cabbage and broccoli have certain chemicals that under the influence of enzymes are converted into sulforaphane which act against the growth of H pylori. Cranberry is one fruit that acts as an anti infection agent, as it does not allow the bacteria to stick to the stomach lining by inhibiting its adhesive properties. Roman chamomile is known to reduce acidity in the stomach and therefore provide relief to the diseases caused by these bacteria.