Ankle Burning Sensation- What Does it Mean? 

If you are experiencing tingling, numbness or prickling sensation in ankles then you might be suffering from paraesthesia. Sometimes the tingling is also associated with burning in the area of ankle of the foot. This majorly affects only one foot at a time and is always related to nerve damage. When the underlying sensory nerve gets damaged due to one or other reason it causes the similar symptoms around the feet or other region. Every portion of body is underlined with sensory nerves that carry signals about touch, temperature and pain of the related region. When this nerve gets damaged in the injury or is pinched due to some accidental movements it causes the burning sensation in ankle. This majorly happens due to physical sort of injury to the sensory nerve, in other condition any type of congenial or other disorders might affect the working of the nerve.

Causes of ankle burning

Theburning sensation of ankle could often occur due t physical pressure on the nerve that is common in accident or twist in the ankle. In these conditions often the pressure is exerted either on the nerve or its root that makes it vulnerable and creates malfunctioning in its work. Some other causes might be related to disorders that affect the neurological system of the body. Another primary cause might be diabetes. This disease is quite known to affect foot areas and any burning in ankle might be due to high blood sugar. Peripheral neuropathy is also likely to cause the sensation which gives different kinds of symptoms that start with tingling in the ankle and leads to burning when left untreated. Sciatica is also a cause to create pins and needle sensation in ankle

Symptoms of burning in ankle

The symptoms associated with the burning sensation in ankle are dependant on the underlying medical condition. Apart from burning one might experience pins and needles or prickling sensation on the ankle, there would be tinkling on the tips as well as ankles. Some might experience pain around the region but it is only found in sclerosis. Generally the sensation is located to one spot in the ankle if you are getting it in various spots then it might be multiple hardening of tissues or sclerosis. If you are having cramps in the legs or calf muscles along with the burning then it indicates to the diabetes which needs immediate treatment.

The treatment of the condition often consists of analgesics to curb the pain and other medications to relax the tissues hardening. Proper medical checkup should be done to discover the underlying medical condition for the ankle stool color chart burningsensation.